The purpose of this blog is to give you some travel information as well as showing you how you can make money in several different ways through My Fun LIFE.

FIRSTLY: you can save money on your hotel bookings, travel flights, accommodation and time-share;

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1You just have to look at what people are doing these days …. everyone is using “apps” to accomplish all manner of tasks.
My students and my children cannot be separated from their “apps” for more than 10 minutes before the withdrawal symptoms start to kick in! (lol)

MyFunLIFE will be moving into the “apps” field in the very near future as we are the pre-launch arena still and everything is still web-based – but WATCH this SPACE!!

Whether it’s a relaxing cruise to St. Thomas, touring Italy’s harbour towns or spending quality time with the family, MyFunLIFE works together with our partners at Fun Travel Group to create worldwide memories for you and your family. Our Travel Department will bring exclusive FunTRIPS and fantastic travel experiences to fit every Member’s lifestyle. Our agents at Fun Travel Group are prepared to ensure that your travel experiences create the best memories EVER!


15-year-old travel agency, a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA),Travel Retailer Universal Enumeration (TRUE) system, Cruise Lines Industry Association (CLIA), the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC), and other major associations including the Better Business Bureau.

Top Account with Delta, United, American, Copa, South African Airways, British Airlines, and many more foreign airlines.



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